Tips for Building a Successful Career in Business Intelligence

Presently the career as business intelligence is quite popular and in great demand. Certainly many of you wish to know how to become a professional business intelligence?

The career course offered by this career is also excellent, so that many individuals are interested in being associated with this job. Through this article I will discuss how to become a great business intelligence and the sundries of this occupation.

What is Business Intelligence?

Career as Business Intelligence

Basically, business intelligence is the division of problem solvers. That’s, this division will help users to obtain solution to all their business questions.

In business intelligence, there are experts that will help find the answers needed for each question asked. This makes this division have many item outcomes, for instance raw information, evaluation outcomes, understandings, recommendations, or also activity plans.

Business Intelligence Career Prospects

When it comes to business intelligence career prospects in the electronic era as it’s today, of course it’s excellent and has quite a wide range. Career as Business Intelligence has a great opportunity to have the ability to straight sign up with a greater management position.

This is because a business intelligence expert is required to understand end-to-end business processes in the division they handle. That is why, they can have a career anywhere with more versatility. For instance, being an item supervisor, development expert, to marketing expert.

As lengthy as they have something they focus on, it’s feasible for a business intelligence individual to have career prospects because area.

Obligations of a Business Intelligence

The obligations of a business intelligence individual, from beginning to advanced degree, are quite comparable, that’s, they are more towards advisors. For instance, when an individual has a concern and does not know what to do, a business intelligence representative must prepare to assist.

Beginning with the process of gathering information, after that the information is evaluated, production understandings, recommendations, to activity plans that can be used instantly. So it can be said that the obligation of a business intelligence is to provide end-to-end solution that includes the process as over.

What type of history is needed?

How to become a business intelligence is actually not constantly determined from the academic history. Because they currently have the ability to recover information using SQL or perform simple quantitative evaluation, Certainly, for someone that finished from an IT or statistics significant, they’ll definitely have a benefit.

However, that doesn’t imply that the just way to become a business intelligence is secured by grads from these majors. In this area logical ability is the essential point. As an outcome, if you have actually excellent logical abilities, the opportunity to grasp this occupation is quite large.

Additionally, to become a business intelligence individual, one must also have great interest, a determination to develop, and prepare to jump right right into the area. So, you can say that the alternative to ending up being a business intelligence individual without an IT and statistics history is to have some of these points.

Must Have Abilities

Before knowing how to become a business intelligence expert, you should first know what hard abilities and soft abilities are needed.

Hard abilities


To become a business intelligence expert, you must have an understanding of SQL (Organized Inquiry Language). Why is it important to know SQL? Of course because this programming language is one of the most basic or simple in the area of information processing and collection.

With basic SQL abilities, you’ll definitely find it easier and much faster when you need to deal with processing information and drawing.

2. Microsoft Stand out

Additionally, a business intelligence individual must also excel being used Microsoft Stand out. This software will be useful for providing visualized information and production it easier for others to understand the information that is evaluated.

Without the ability to use Microsoft Stand out, you’ll definitely find it quite challenging to present important factors from the outcomes of the evaluation that is performed.

Soft abilities

1. Evaluation

As mentioned over, in this area of work evaluation is critical. By having actually qualified logical abilities, you’ll definitely produce better work. That’s why logical ability here’s closely relates to quality.

After the information collection process, the next job of business intelligence is to analyze the information to attract understandings that can eventually make recommendations or activity plans.

2. Efficiency/Delivery

Functioning as a business intelligence must also constantly be efficient so that he can complete his work on schedule. For instance, provided time to conduct research for one month, beginning with the process of gathering information to providing outcomes needs to be done efficiently and effectively so that it fits the due date.

3. Interaction

A dependable business intelligence is those that have soft interaction abilities. Regardless of how great the evaluation is, if it can’t be interacted properly, it will certainly make it challenging for other individuals to understand it.

So, in my opinion, a great evaluation is one that’s interacted well so that individuals can obtain understanding or an activity plan that meets their assumptions.

4. Self-development

A business intelligence cannot remain quiet and remain in the status. Although the business is working out, that does not imply you need to rest idly not do anything and by.

You must constantly be positive in developing on your own to make great changes for your business. Equipped with this soft ability, you’ll constantly be looking for ways to develop on your own and the company’s business.

Business Intelligence Process

For those of you that wish to know how to become a great business intelligence, it’s obligatory to understand the process of this occupation. If discussed quickly, the process of a business intelligence starts when an individual has a concern and requests viewpoints to earn a choice.

In the initial stage you need to brainstorm and find out what information is needed to earn that choice. After that, the second phase is to recover information using SQL or various other devices. After that, the information that is taken will start to be evaluated.

While information evaluation, it’s also necessary to request viewpoints from topic experts that will help provide input to enhance the evaluation. The outcomes of this description will be combined with the outcomes of information evaluation to provide the needed understandings, recommendations, and concrete activity plans.

Tips to Become Business Intelligence

Marketing Intelligence

1. Self-taught learning

Self-taught or self-taught can be one way to understand the business intelligence occupation. However, there’s still an incorrect understanding that’s by straight learning hard abilities such as SQL or Microsoft Stand out.

One of the most effective way is to learn problem refixing which can be obtained from reading situation study publications, articles, or also going to workshops that discuss problems in a business.

By reading articles such as that, you’ll be “forced” to take part in looking for a service to the problem. This is extremely important because it can improve your logical abilities.

2. Profile

In my opinion, actually the profile isn’t that important to become a business intelligence. This is because the outcomes of the evaluation cannot be simply displayed. However, you can still make your profile appearance more attractive by consisting of efficiency outcomes.

For instance, you have produced a job that has a big effect on the company. After that, it can be listed because it will definitely attract companies that could possibly hire you.

3. Get ready for the test as best you can

In the test to become a business intelligence there are usually 2 main tests. The first is an examination regarding reasoning and after that a problem refixing test. That’s why it’s said that one way to become a business intelligence is to read situation studies often. Of course because a study works for improving logical problem refixing and abilities.

4. Choose the right company

Actually a business intelligence will definitely be needed by every company, be it a start-up or a traditional company. The distinction is just in the degree of need. For instance, in a business that is competing years, business intelligence currently has a clear process.

All that remains is to find ideas and ways for the company to develop further. On the other hand, in start-ups there’s usually no stable process for a business intelligence so we’ll pave the way. That’s why business intelligence operating in start-ups is required to work harder and prepare to earn changes. Thus my description of how to become a business intelligence and information about this occupation.

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